Monday 1st May 2023

Bocking Village Fayre Consitution

This is the constitution created as a binding mission statement for the Fayre when it was resurrected and the Co-ordinating Group has been guided by it to this day. It has been published online here for all to see and understand the undertaking by the committee for the good of the Fayre.

Established March 1997

  1. Bocking Village Fayre is an annual event organised by Bocking Church Street voluntary groups to raise funds for the village-based good causes or other recognised charities.
  2. The Village Fayre will be run by a Co-ordinating Group made up of one representative from each participating organisation.
  3. The Co-ordinating Group will elect a Chairman from its members, and elect a Secretary and Publicity Manager, these last two posts can be co-opted from outside the group and if so will have no vote on the comittee. The Chairman will be responsible for administering central expenses.
  4. The Co-ordinating Group will ensure that there is no clash of activities being run by participating organisations. It will also be responsible for arranging the central attractions for the Fayre.
  5. The cost of the central attractions will be met as far as possible by sponsors, any shortfall being borne equally by the participating organisations.
  6. The will be no carryover of funds from one year to the next, i.e. each year's Fayre will be self-supporting.
  7. Whatever each participating group raises from their activities at the Village Fayre will be retained for their own purposes.
  8. The Village Fayre will be run on the May Day Holiday, or on another day as decided by the Co-ordinating Group.